Hi everyone! Today has been a bit of a roller coaster of emotions for me for some reason.

Firstly, in terms of productivity, I actually think I had quite a good, productive day because I spent a good amount of time doing some French work for speaking during college and I started those bronze/silver/gold Edexcel C3 papers, which is essential to the honing and mastery of C3. After the mess I made in the mock, I think doing a little bit of work every few days will be good to consolidate the knowledge in my mind. So I did the first bronze paper which was alright, and out of the mistakes I made, I think a few could easily be avoided by reading the question more carefully!

When I came home I did a bit more work on French, especially topics relating to the Occupation in France, since that’s the area I feel most hesitant on still and I need to be able to say something if that comes up in the exam. Also speaking exams start tomorrow for everyone, but mine is on the last day, which is Thursday. It felt extremely real today, sitting in French with everyone freaking out about the exam, and it truly hit that exams are not far off at all. I also did a Year 1 chemistry paper, which was good basic recap, though I feel like it was quite an unrealistic experience of the exam that we will really have to sit, so I need to get to work on some different past paper questions alongside this recap.

I also found out through my friend that we are going to have a biology exam for Component 1 in two weeks, seeing as we break up for good the week after. This means I really need to get the rest of my Component 1 notes done as soon as possible and this will be a priority for this week I think.

My study goals for tomorrow:
– Work on Population notes for biology during my frees tomorrow
– Go over my chemistry notes from the start of this year when I come home
– Attempt some past paper questions from the packs we got from college on this years’ chemistry topics
– I will also probably look over some more French stuff briefly
– Maybe attempt starting Bronze paper 2 for C3 but this is just if I get everything else done to a good standard

So the rest of the day has been me internalising a lot of my feelings and reflecting on things in my life. My friend mentioned today that I should stop sounding so sad, and that made me realise that I really am being a bit too negative and cynical with college. The truth is, I would love to have an omnipresent positive attitude about college and exams but recently I have been finding it more and more difficult. To see what I could do about this, I watched a few more videos on the Law of Attraction while I worked, so I could see how to implement it in my own life.

I am such a believer in keeping a positive attitude, as I’ve mentioned before, but I never really thought it could actually manifest itself as good experiences in real life. I am still a bit sceptical about this, admittedly, but I am willing to try it. My main goal to put this into effect in my life is to stop thinking altogether about the negative potential scenarios and things that could go wrong. From what I’ve heard and read, the aspect of this that I’m going to be practising will mainly be visualising my dreams and also keeping a focus on everything that’s going right. I would love to meditate at some point soon too, but I think it may be a bit much while I’m just getting started with it.

So that’s how my life is going nowadays. I am determined to make the most of these last few weeks in college and the fact that I can and have started past papers in most subjects is really quite satisfying. I think a lot of people have been worrying about completing notes for the whole subject before starting past paper questions but practising what you know is just as important in my opinion!

I hope my good attitude lasts a very long time and we can bounce back from these past few weeks to make a great last effort for these exams!

Hopefully your life is going well too and your week is off to a good start! I will speak to you all tomorrow!

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