Hello everyone! I’ve been terrible today and I’ve barely done anything. I’ve been noticing recently that after getting home from college, I have very little energy or desire to do anything and spend a good time of my evening procrastinating, before I even get my work out. I’m not sure how to resolve this issue really because I have to come home as soon as I finish college because I don’t eat throughout the day and basically have my first meal straight after so I can’t possibly stay for longer without eating.

It’s possible that I could go somewhere else, either in my house or to a cafe or something, after eating to make the most of these long evenings but honestly, I’m not sure where to go. There’s not even a huge amount of time left now until Ramadan starts and once I start fasting, I’ll definitely have to nap after college so I can stay up till Sehri time. For these next two weeks, I am going to have to conjure up some sort of a plan because I don’t have a huge amount of free time in college either so there’s simply not enough hours in the day during which I want to do work!

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Do the exercise set as maths homework while I’m in college
– Make some flashcards on my IRP discussion points in my frees tomorrow
– Start on chemistry notes for any topic that’s missing notes
– When I get home, I need to do the correlation and regression homework sheet for maths
– Also finish Population notes for biology, which is mainly just the nitrogen cycle left now

Clearly a very busy day tomorrow! I’m hoping to get the first three items on my list done in my four hours free during college, but my friend mentioned that we should go out for lunch tomorrow seeing as we won’t be able to go out for a long time afterwards due to Ramadan. I’m not sure whether we’ll end up going but I can’t really afford to waste too much time, especially as I work so little at home.

Today marks exactly 3 weeks until the C2 resit exam, which is a heavy burden on my shoulders, but also I feel quite ready for C2. I need to do a consolidating past paper every now and then but other than that, I should be okay, especially if I cram enough the night before. Oh I forgot to mention that I wasn’t totally unproductive today, as I did the Bronze paper 2 for C3, which didn’t go too badly. I am just trying to pick up on all my mistakes and correct them straight away, leaving obnoxious reminders everywhere so I can avoid making them again in the future.

It’s getting quite late now so I think I will go to bed. I know I’m going to feel the brunt of today’s late night at 7am but this is a regular occurrence. I hope you have been keeping well and your week is going well!

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