Hello everyone! I hope this week has been a good one for you all.

My day today has fluctuated quite a bit in terms of my productivity. I stayed after college for a solid few hours today and I’m over halfway through my notes for Statistics, which I think will really be helpful to officially begin my statistics revision as I’ve been able to go over everything we did at the start. That’s all I did at college and then I came home and accidentally had a two and a half hour nap! There is nothing more peaceful than a long nap on a Friday night because it erases the pressure of a whole week, but it also made me extremely unproductive all evening.

I tried to continue my maths notes but I couldn’t get back in the flow of things so I decided to postpone that, even though I was so determined to finish them today. Sometimes I think it’s so much less taxing on your emotional state and well being to make allowances for yourself. Even slight flexibilities can make you feel so much better because if you’re really not feeling something then there’s nothing you can do to help it. I finished my flashcards for the IRP discussion and I’m definitely going to need to do some proper speaking practice with it, in order to bring it up to scratch.

The speaking exams also got rescheduled by the way! If you’ve been following the saga for a while, you may know that our examiner had an accident and the exams were cancelled this week. Mine is now on Wednesday 16th May, which is the week I have quite a few other internal college exams too, so I’m more than a little stressed for that week.

I am trying to tackle one task at a time and build up the big picture using each individual, little component. There’s a resit for the biology mock we did on the week beginning the 14th of May too, which I don’t have to do officially but I kind of wanted all the practice I could get. I am tempted to maybe just ask for the exam paper afterwards so I can go through it on my own but in a way, having a teacher mark it is sometimes more useful. There’s also another biology exam in the same week, this time on component 1, which I’m going to have to do a lot of work for! Component 1 is quite difficult in my opinion and the questions can be convoluted, especially in the more straightforward topics.

So tomorrow I am planning on going to the library and my little brother is actually joining me! He’s actually more interested in meeting one of his friends there and revising with him so he’s basically just using me but okay, we will let it slide. He’s finally getting serious about his exam revision, approximately two weeks before his exams start! Crazy boy.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Finish component 1 notes for biology (end of Populations and Human Impact)
– Work through the past paper questions I’ve printed out on all topics of component 1
– Make some more chemistry notes on module 5
– Maybe do a C2 past paper when I get home

I think biology tomorrow is going to take up a significant amount of time but spending a good chunk of time doing it tomorrow means I can get the basics done for the component 1 mock exam and I can focus on harder questions. I put on my list to continue my module 5 notes for chemistry which I’ll probably just move on to when I get bored with biology. We are planning on going super early tomorrow morning so hopefully it will be a successful, productive trip and we both get a lot of work done.

Also with the Core 2 resit fast approaching, I need to do some spaced out revision for that too. I will focus on completing homework on Sunday before getting on to more revision.

That’s all for my study update for today. I’ve felt a bit off today and it may have been my nap. It threw me off a little and now it’s 2am but I’ve been tired all evening. My sleeping pattern is really in such a state and I know it’s only going to get more complicated when Ramadan starts, but I’m excited nonetheless.

Thank you all for reading, wishing you a good, exciting weekend!

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