Hi everyone! I almost forgot to write today, and I just remembered, fortunately before I shut my laptop down.

For reasons I won’t get into too much detail about right now, I am very exhausted today because I slept awfully last night, so it’ll be a super short update today.

I headed to the library with my brother, which was really quite productive. I finished all my component 1 notes for biology and that signifies the end of all my biology notes for A Levels! An exciting prospect, despite exams being so close now. I also got started on past paper questions, though I only really got through ATP, respiration and photosynthesis. I still have the remaining questions to start but I think I will attempt some of those on Monday.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Completing all my homework (mainly French)
– Hopefully doing some biology task sheets too
– Finishing my statistics notes
– Going over acids, bases and buffers for chemistry and hopefully also transition metals and redox

It’s a sort of filler day tomorrow to get all the unfinished stuff completed and consolidate my knowledge for chemistry. Hopefully the bank holiday day off will be spent doing past papers for chemistry and biology, alongside some maths, which I think should involve a focus on C4 and S1.

Thank you all for reading, I’ll be back tomorrow with a longer update hopefully!

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