Hi guys! Hope you’re all doing well and you’re enjoying your weekend!

I tell you what, I am so glad this is a long weekend and we have tomorrow off because I have done absolutely nothing today, my friends, nothing at all. I didn’t anticipate it to be such an unproductive day, because normally I know that I won’t get everything on my list done, but the heights I reached today have been ridiculous, even for me. I know it is no excuse, but I would like to place some blame on the gorgeous weather today, which made it nearly impossible to sit inside and do work.

It’s now past 1am and I am tackling some French homework because I really wanted to get all the homework stuff done today. I am almost finished so I think I will definitely finish this before I sleep, but I won’t get on to the essay I need to write for Thursday. I think I will have to postpone that to later in the week. I didn’t even finish my stats notes today, which is just asking for trouble, because notes are almost like making no progress. I know notes are a great revision tool for recapping and for going back to when you need help but there’s no active recall and as such, I feel like it’s such a risky thing to call making notes revision.

My main stats revision will be the two past papers that have been set as homework, so I need to get the notes done quickly and move on to that. I know I definitely want to do one of them tomorrow even though they’re due in on Friday because it will help me recap some stats concepts.

Also tomorrow, I need to do biology, in order to properly prepare for the component 1 exam which will be upon us extremely soon, I know it. Furthermore, my chemistry revision has really been plateauing dangerously because I don’t feel adequately prepared enough to go on to practice papers but equally, making notes for chemistry takes the kind of effort that I’m not prepared to put in right now. This is the totally wrong attitude to have though, and I know I’m going to regret not putting enough work into it, so I will also need to do something about that tomorrow.

The obstacle to overcome for tomorrow is definitely getting enough work done at home, especially when the weather is only supposed to get nicer. I love a bank holiday, but I am also in dire need of an open library to go to and plant myself in for a solid six hours to make myself productive. There are no open libraries near me though, so we are going to have to make arrangements to overcome this trouble. I thought that maybe if I put these things down in writing I will be more willing to follow them:
– I will put my phone far away while I revise
– I will start my revision right after breakfast and not idle around in bed for longer than I should
– I will make my bed so I’m not tempted to crawl back into it
– I will make a nice to-do list and stick it on my wall to motivate me
– I will take regular snack breaks (VITAL!)

Other than that, we just need to suck it up and move on, people! I have had enough of my laziness and unwillingness to work. We are going to change all that tomorrow and knock it out the ballpark!

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Finish my statistic notes
– Do the first stats past paper
– Complete past paper questions for Microbiology, Populations and Human Impact for biology
– Do some chemistry past paper questions on acids, bases and buffers particularly (I find this topic the worst, with all those calculations)
– Complete the second Populations task sheet for biology

The main goal is to get to productive work done early on in the morning so I can have a bit of a break in the middle of the day and get back to work in the evening.

Also today a friend of mine who actually inspired me to start this blog messaged me asking if this was my blog because she figured out it was me and I was so honoured. She was so sweet and it makes me so happy to know people read this and like this because I started this for myself, but it’s turned into something others can appreciate too. She is also starting her own series of daily updates on her college life, which is exciting because I love reading blogs like that (which explains why I started one myself!)

I have gone on a little bit today, hope you have been enjoying the sunshine if it’s sunny where you are, and if not, I hope you have been making the most of your life anyways. I will speak to you all again tomorrow!

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