Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a good, productive day!

I have been struggling, unfortunately, to keep the fatigue out of my everyday life, and as such, I’m finding it difficult to get anything done while I have time. Today during my frees in college I worked on the task sheets set for Populations and did a little bit on the Human Impact one, but it’s honestly so frustrating when she’s not checking any of it. I am so tempted to leave the last task sheets and not bother with them because I have made my own notes on everything and there is no reason for me waste time doing something for the sake of ticking a box.

I didn’t even manage to get on to some Component 1 revision during my frees because I was so consumed with task sheet upon task sheet. When I came home, I did some chemistry revision and started a chemistry paper 3 because we found out today that we will have a mock on that soon too, but I left that halfway because I realised I didn’t even remember the content behind the questions so attempting them was not the most effective. Tomorrow I am planning on reading through my Transition Metal, Redox and Acids, Bases and Buffers notes before attempting to finish the rest of that paper.

I also started my essay for French and also left that halfway because I have a solid plan set in place for that now and all I need to do is write that up tomorrow for  Thursday’s lesson. I really should have completed all of it but when I am taking too long to get on with something, I always thing that a change in subject will freshen me up, but if anything, it just ends up with me starting more things I don’t finish. I’m glad though that I even start them because I think it’s easier to carry on with something than have to start from scratch.

The rest of the evening, I’ve been going over biology Component 1 notes and consolidating knowledge. When I do this, I go through my flashcards in detail and write down any topics I am having difficulty with. I also search up Youtube videos on the spot for little things that could get cleared up quickly and I also believe that watching more Youtube videos and exposing yourself to different diagrams of things help to strengthen concepts in your mind. I’ve not done all of my cards yet but I will continue working on this during college tomorrow.

I’m planning on going to college earlier than I have lesson because not only do I need to make corrections to my French mock, I wanted to get a substantial amount of my Component 1 notes consolidated too. Then I have single lessons back to back and in my other remaining free period tomorrow, I am going to start the second stats paper that is due in on Friday. When I come home, I need to do chemistry homework which is just to finish the current spectroscopy booklet and I’ll need to write up my essay for French. These two will be the high priority items and then after that, I’m going to focus on chemistry and go through my notes and complete the paper I started today.

To simplify, my goals for tomorrow are:
– Correct French mock
– Consolidate as many biology notes as possible
– Do the second stats paper set as homework
– Chemistry homework, finish spectroscopy booklet
– Write up French essay
– Go through chemistry notes on Transition Metals, Redox, Acids/Bases/Buffers and maybe do target past paper practice on these topics, if necessary
– Complete the chemistry past paper I started today

That’s a very long list for tomorrow so I really hope I can work my socks off. I’m also hoping to try something new tomorrow: a coffee nap! If you’re not sure what that is, it’s basically when you drink a cup of coffee and follow it immediately with a 20 minute nap and it’s apparently very good for boosting your productivity. It sounds perfect for me because it’ll give me the boost of energy from the caffeine, as well as a tiny nap so it ticks every box. If you must know, I’m not the biggest fan of coffee, but I’m willing to do anything to make me productive.

I will report back tomorrow on how it goes! I hope you have been keeping well and are not resorting too dramatically to things like caffeine to keeping you awake! Unfortunately, desperate times call for desperate measure, and as you can see, I’m the most desperate of all! I will speak to you all again tomorrow, thanks for tuning in!

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