Say it out loud with me: the 9th of May. How rapidly has this year progressed?!

No time to stop and smell the roses though, my pals, we are on a speeding train, heading for summer and the end of college. A slightly off topic tangent that I have to mention is my shock at the fact that there are no decent high speed trains in the UK besides the Virgin train to/from London! The train links between major UK cities are so slow and I think this is something that people are overlooking too much. That’s just my two cents on the topic, but I think we need better train transport because I love trains, I just don’t love spending hours on them to get around the UK.

Now that I have that deep confession off my chest, I will share with you the details of my day. We were not too great today, unfortunately. I was supposed to get up early today and go to college to do some biology revision but by the time I got to college, I only had half an hour before my lesson. These are the dangers of snoozing your alarm clock too many times!

I spent my one free period doing the second stats paper which is basically finished besides the last question so tomorrow I’ll need to finish that off and finish off the first one I did too, which again, only has one question left. I’m not leaving these out for fun by the way, the questions are just on the last topic which we’re currently doing in class but we’ve almost finished it.

When I got home I was extremely unproductive actually. I finished my French essay off and completed our current booklet for chemistry because that was the homework and that’s about it. I am currently going over Transition Metal notes and hopefully I’ll get on to Redox too, but I am just going to consolidate my knowledge on these two topics so I can hopefully finish that sample Paper 3 I started yesterday.

I didn’t end up having a coffee nap because I slept in a little and I surprisingly didn’t feel too tired when I got back home from college.

Tomorrow I have a solid 4 hours free in college so I’m focusing half of my time to chemistry and the other half to biology. For chemistry I’m going to finish going over notes and the Paper 3 I mentioned before. I’m also going to do some targeted past paper practice on certain difficult topics. Biology will be finishing the past paper questions that I have printed and hopefully going on to some other ones from different exam boards. I feel like I need to memorise some of the biology content too, because there are particular bits that I have to keep referring back to my notes for.

My study goals for tomorrow, therefore, are:
– Chemistry Paper 3 practice
– Past paper questions by topic for chemistry
– Finish printed past paper questions for biology
– Attempt questions from different exam boards for biology
– Finish maths homework when I come home
– Human Impact task sheets in preparation for Friday’s biology lesson

That’s it from me, I guess. I should really go to sleep soon because Thursdays are very long days and my last lesson on a Thursday drags unbelievably if I’m not awake enough.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back tomorrow!

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