The weekend flies by way too quickly for my liking, and as such, I await eagerly for a life in which waking up every day is a new adventure with constant excitement.

I have been moderately productive today! I went to the library and did biology and chemistry pretty much all day. For biology, I completed a bunch of past paper questions but I really need to have a look at some from different exam boards so I’m going to do that tomorrow and at least think about them even if I don’t feel like writing the answers down. I also did a bunch of past paper questions for chemistry and went through a few old spec past papers, which made me realise just how much I’d forgotten from the start of this year. I mean, admittedly, I do the AS papers from the old specification and it feels way too easy, but the topics we have covered this year have gone beyond the fundamentals and they contain quite a few things that you’d forget if you haven’t been revising them regularly (of which I am guilty!)

So I managed to do some revision for both science subjects today which is good because my mocks in them next week are going to be difficult I think. I should have ideally done some French too, because my exam is on Wednesday (!) but I didn’t and I think I will do some cramming for that tomorrow.

My main goal for tomorrow is to tie up loose ends and continue revision. My morning and afternoon will be dedicated to hopefully completing all my homework for this week because I don’t want to have homework getting in the way of my revision, but it’s a tall order including two statistics past papers, a sheet of exam questions on normal distribution, an A3 poster on planetary boundaries for biology and an essay for French. I am going to set myself a time limit so I’m more likely to go through with it and my goal is to be done with all my homework by 5pm. Maybe 6, but ideally 5. The truth is, I’m going to end up waking up at like 1pm, I just know it, because I haven’t slept in in so long and I really need this Sunday to catch up on all my sleep, but hopefully once I’m awake, we’ll just get right down to business. My maths past papers are supposed to be one and a half hours each but I’m hoping I can just speed through them. They are due in on Friday though, so if worst comes to worst, I’ll do one and start the other so I can finish the second one on Thursday night. I know I’ll be doing all the marking and correcting on Thursday night already!

In terms of revision, I would like to look at some biology questions from other exam boards, particularly on respiration and photosynthesis, and I most definitely need to practice my French speaking tomorrow. I wasn’t really planning on doing much chemistry tomorrow because the Paper 3 mock is on Thursday so hopefully I can do a lot on Wednesday night, but in a way, I feel like chemistry needs some major work on my part. My notes for chemistry have definitely not been as well organised as they have for biology and I’m paying the price for that because I think I’ve lost a revision booklet I made for enthalpy and entropy. Instead of making notes again, I am entertaining the idea of maybe just reading through the revision guide and doing a huge amount of practice questions on it but that’s risky. I think depending on how the mock goes on Thursday, I will see if I need to make any more notes on any specific topics.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Normal distribution exam questions homework
– Two stats past papers
– A3 poster for biology
– French essay
– Looking over exam questions for biology from other exam boards
– French speaking revision: IRP memorisation, answering basic questions on it, reading through topic sheets and vocab

That’s all that’s going on in my life really, nothing too exciting. I am working on not letting stress get to me or worrying too much about exams because I know I am capable of doing well. I think one of my main priorities right now should be focusing on myself and especially my well-being during the exam period because I know that sometimes the non-physical barriers are much harder to get rid of. From my point of view, I can see how my mindset has been an obstacle to my success in the past and I refuse to let that happen again.

I hope you all have been staying healthy and having fun. Hope your weekend ha been good so far and you are looking forward to a nice Sunday. I will speak to you all again tomorrow!

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