Hi everyone! Here we are, once again, reconvening on a Sunday evening to inevitably discuss how much I dislike Sundays.

Today was not as productive as I hoped it would be and I am a bit disappointed I didn’t get everything done. I was hoping to get all my homework done today but it turns out I bit off more than I could chew and I had to change tactic in the evening so I could ensure I got some revision in too.

I did my maths exam questions, which were 8 solid questions, basically a whole paper, just on one topic, and this took forever because I procrastinated a lot while I did it. I managed to get one of the other stats papers done but not completely because one of the questions asked you to draw the scatter graph so I printed out the graph sheet they provided but never got round to doing it. I haven’t started the second one at all but I think I can do that on on Thursday night, so hopefully we’ll be okay with that. The only other thing I didn’t do was the essay for French and that’s due in on Thursday so I might do that on Tuesday evening because I have my French speaking exam on Wednesday and even though it’s an essay, it’ll help me to recap some good things to say.

I did a bit of French revision, which was mainly just for the IRP, and I did this in the shower because a little known fact about me is that I take extremely long showers so today I reenacted my French speaking exam, answering non-existent questions with the utmost enthusiasm, as if I was really speaking to Mr Examiner. It’s not a lot but at least it’s something! Also this evening I’ve been doing more biology revision, but this has been a bit passive admittedly as I’ve been going through past papers and mark schemes without actually doing them. I’m sure I’ll regret not doing them properly at some point, but for now it’s enough for me, especially as the short notice for this exam hasn’t really let me get very prepared.

This week is going to be tough, I envision, but I am maintaining my positive attitude, regardless of the fact that most of it is just a persona to mask my fear underneath. It’s true what they say, my friends, you need to fake it till you make it. My priority is my French speaking exam because that’s the real deal and everything else is just a mock, so we still have time for those.

I also have the C2 resit but that’s next week on Wednesday, so I will be working very hard for that from Friday onward and hopefully we can get a super high grade on that and the pressure to do well in C3 and C4 will be slightly alleviated.

With regards to other things going on, Ramadan is most likely going to start on Wednesday, which is the day of my French speaking exam, so that’s a bit nerve wracking, mainly just because I want to ensure I get adequate sleep that night. Fortunately, since it’s in the afternoon, I won’t have to go to any of my morning lessons and I can go to college a little bit later than normal if I need to. The speaking exams actually start from tomorrow so I’m looking forward to hearing how they go for everyone else!

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Continue going through biology past papers and seeing mark schemes
– Go over all my biology notes in their entirety
– Practice my French speaking
– Hopefully continue chemistry past papers
– Cram biology in the evening

I am planning on going to college early tomorrow, or at least waking up earlier than usual so I can do work at home. I’m not actually too sure how I want to plan my revision for tomorrow, but I think I will do some chemistry in the morning and practice my French a bit. In my free period I want to work on some more chemistry too, so I can focus on biology when I get home.

That’s it from me, I guess. My little brother starts his GCSEs tomorrow! He has been really worried about his exams recently but I know he’ll be just fine, he’s more capable than anyone I know.

Good luck to you all for your exam season, wishing you success and sweet fruits for the work you’ve put in. I will speak to you tomorrow!

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