Hi guys! Hope your week is off to a good start!

I have been somewhat productive today, mainly just cramming for biology with my exam tomorrow. I did the specimen paper which was actually quite difficult and marking and correcting it gave me a feeling of dread because half the time, I was expressing exactly what the mark scheme wanted but in the wrong words. I am hoping the exam tomorrow won’t be too difficult but I know they pull application out of the strangest places so I need to be careful.

I’ve also spent this evening looking over the previous components we’ve covered in biology to make sure I know all the synoptic links between papers. I am just going to finish looking over component 3 and then head to bed. Tomorrow in the frees I have before the mock, I’m going to go over component 1 notes again, just to be safe.

The French exam is looming over my head dangerously and after hearing all the stories about it from the people who did it today, I know I need to do more work on specific topics for the discussion card. I’m excited for it though, it’s like an adrenaline rush, and I hope I can showcase the best of my French knowledge.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Go over component 1 notes before my mock
– Complete my French essay after college
– Go through speaking topics in detail
– Practice IRP

The chemistry as well, I’m really dreading because I cannot explain to you how unprepared I am for the mock on Thursday. I wish he wasn’t giving it to us as a mock becasue the extra stress is unbearable. I am trying to think positively and focus on one thing at a time, however, as it’s gotten me this far and it’ll help me all the way through. First biology, then French, then chemistry. Ramadan also probably starts on Wednesday so my French exam will be the day of the first fast. Let’s hope that God blesses me with some good luck!

Thanks for reading, I know it’s super short today but I need to finish revising and then sleep. I will be back tomorrow, as I hope you will be too!

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