Hello guys! Hope you’ve been keeping well!

Today was the first fast and it went really well, which is great, and hopefully the rest of the month will be a success too, but I can feel myself getting ill, and it’s coming at such a bad time. I’ve sneezed so much today and my throat feels very scratchy and sore. I think it may need to get worse before it gets better but I am hoping that’s not the case.

Also I had my chemistry mock today, which was actually atrocious. I’m not joking, it was so difficult. I think the biggest thing it has highlighted for me is the importance of unifying different concepts for the last paper; This is a notoriously difficult paper and I can see why. It’s alright though, because at least I have an idea of how it will be and I know I have to do a lot more work before I can call myself even remotely prepared for the exam.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Print practice sets of papers for chemistry and start working on them
– Make notes on enthalpy change
– Attempt a difficult C2 paper

My focus over the weekend will be maths and tomorrow I think I’ll worry about chemistry. I intend to stay in college after my lessons to get a little bit of work done but it’s so difficult trying to concentrate when you’re as exhausted as I’ve been today. I had a long nap after college and I am about to head to bed now too so I’m just trying to work sleep around my fasting schedule.

I hope you can understand that I am very sleepy, and I will be back tomorrow, with hopefully another update and maybe some more constructive advice regarding how I juggle fasting with exam season. Thank you all for reading!

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