My friends! Alas, we have hit a wall in our health. I’m ill. Nothing major of course, just a generic cold, but it has made my day today extremely difficult.

College was okay fortunately, though I could feel myself getting worse throughout the day, and when I came back home and attempted to nap, I just had such a bad experience! I was tossing and turning for ages and the stuffiness in my nose and chest made me feel like I couldn’t breathe. I also had a terrible headache that would not dissipate and I spent many hours in bed just lying in pain, with my head tilted at an awkward angle towards the fan.

But now it’s much later and I’ve opened my fast and had some medication. Also, I must confess my deep love for Vicks VapoRub at this point, because the relief it gives me during my times of need is immense and unreal. It really makes me feel like I can breathe again and I will be putting lots on tonight before I sleep.

In terms of productivity though, it’s been a terrible day. I normally stay behind after college for a few hours on Fridays but I was just not in the mood today because I felt so out of it. I came home relatively early and stayed in bed for a while, trying to recuperate, but I haven’t gotten much work done since then. I did finish a statistics past paper in college though which is better than nothing, and I’ve been watching videos on some difficult biology and chemistry topics on Youtube for quite a while now.

I know watching videos is really passive and shouldn’t count as revision, but it definitely counts as consolidation because having things explained to you in a different way is so helpful and you can see the approach different people take towards it. It’s been helpful, even if it was very passive.

Sometimes it’s just one of those days!

So the task list for this weekend is quite long. I need to do some revision for the C2 exam which is next Wednesday and I’m going to try and space that out a little because I don’t want to be rushing on Tuesday night to get everything covered. I also have a component 2 paper for biology that my teacher set as homework and I have a LOT of chemistry revision to do. I’ve mentioned before and I’ll mention it again, but chemistry needs a lot of practice and you should be okay with it. I’m not focusing on French too much but I have a past paper to complete for that too as homework and two essays due in at the end of the week, so I kind of have to worry about that anyways.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– C2 IAL paper
– Maybe a C2 IYGB paper, depending on how the first one goes
– Work through chemistry past paper pack, especially content for paper 1
– Go through practicals and procedures in chemistry
– French past paper

I was intending on heading to the library tomorrow but I think I’m going to be a bit more lenient and only go if I feel better in the morning. The state I’m in right now, with watering eyes and a runny nose, I don’t think anyone needs to see on a Saturday morning! I just hope I can get as much work done at home if I don’t end up going to the library.

Next week will officially be the last week of college! How crazy is that?! Two years have been a blur and I’m excited to leave but equally, I feel so blessed and honoured to have made some of the friends I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I’m looking forward to starting university and moving forwards with my life, though. Now all we need to do is hope and pray for the grades we want.

That’s really it going on in my life. Exams are starting very soon and I just want to get my head down and focus on them for the next month or so because it will all be over after that and I don’t want to have any regrets.

Hope things have been going well for you all! Thanks for reading, I will be back with another update tomorrow!


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