Hi guys! I hope your weekend has been good and productive!

I can’t say much for myself, as I’ve really not done a great deal. Though I did feel significantly better today, and my headache has almost completely disappeared, I still didn’t do a huge amount of stuff and I feel a little bit unprepared going into this week.

I finished that French past paper due in tomorrow and I got to work on the biology component 2 paper that was also set as homework, though I’m about halfway through that and I don’t think I’m going to finish it tonight. I aim to do some more C2 questions now so I can continue spacing out my revision for it, seeing as the exam is on Wednesday.

Other than that, I’ve done nothing at all really. I think this whole weekend has been really off for me which is frustrating because at this point, I can’t afford to waste so much time. I also didn’t get time to do any chemistry past paper questions today which is annoying because I know I need to really work on chemistry. I’m really hoping that once the week starts and I get back in the routine of things, I’ll be more productive.

Honestly, I’m not sure whether my current Ramadan sleeping routine is helping me in any way. I have a really long nap as soon as I come home from college and it’s turning into one of those things that I’m abusing because I just sleep as long as I can and then get lazy and waste time afterwards.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Finish the biology past paper I’ve started today
– Do some more C2 questions
– Start on my French essays due in on Thursday

I think I will centre my revision around mainly C2 for these next few days, just until the exam, because I want to make sure I have my best foot forward going into that exam.

Also, a goal for tomorrow is to eat less! I feel like I’ve eaten so much today and having so much food in such a short period of time is really unhealthy and it’s having physical manifestations on my body. Fasting is all about controlling your urge for food but also having control over what you eat too, when you can.

That’s it from me, I hope I’ll be back tomorrow with a more productive outlook on my revision. Thanks for reading!

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