Hi guys! Short update today as it’s super late and I haven’t slept much during the day.

I have actually been decently productive today. I managed to complete the component 2 resit paper for biology (which was homework) in college and got a bit of C2 revision done too. Then when I came home I did one of my essays for French and some more C2 revision.

I really hope the C2 exam goes well because I desperately need it to. I am kind of wondering why I even bothered to resit it though as I was pretty sure I could get an A in maths regardless, but silly me, always aiming a bit too high! Oh well, I guess we’ll just take it as a second chance to do even better.

Tomorrow I will probably just be focusing on C2 so I can cram some last minute revision in before the exam and I don’t think I actually have much other work to do. I do need to complete another French essay for Thursday but I will probably do that on Wednesday night.

In terms of revision, I’m not at a standstill. From doing the component 2 paper today, I feel like it was good recall and a good recap of one of the most difficult components and it wasn’t too bad actually. I think I am finally coming to terms with the fact that even though past paper questions are an essential resource to ensure exam success, knowing the content inside out can honestly get you a huge proportion of the marks too. I know applying it into unfamiliar situations can be difficult but that’s the whole point, and we’ve no doubt learnt everything we need to do to be able to apply it into the new context. I feel like knowing everything perfectly is extremely beneficial and I want to put an equal weighting on this in my revision as well as past paper questions.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Cram C2 pretty much all day
– Go over component 1 and 2 notes for biology again

Realistically, I know I’m not going to do much else besides C2 revision so I feel like I may be clutching at straws a bit with that lacklustre list.

So I’m going to head to bed now, thank you all for reading and I shall be back tomorrow!

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