Hello everyone!

I am quite cheery today because my Core 2 resit went pretty well I think. After discussing the paper at length in class after the exam, I got the same answers as my maths teacher so hopefully I didn’t make any minor errors here or there.

My day has not been very productive though, unfortunately. I went over some biology notes after my exam and in my free during the day I went over a particularly difficult biology practical in case it comes up on the exam. I tried to do my French essay when I came home but I was so sleep deprived, I decided to just sleep instead and I worked on my essay after iftar. That essay took an awful long time to finish because I procrastinated so much while doing it. I didn’t get much else done as I have been in a generally lazy mood all day.

Tomorrow we are going to focus on chemistry! In my four hours free I intend to make some enthalpy and entropy notes before moving on to practice paper questions. That’s all I intend on doing tomorrow and working through some chemistry past paper questions should hopefully help me to identify some areas that are weaker for me. The first chemistry paper is officially less than two weeks away now and I need to really consolidate everything that could come up on that paper.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Make quick enthalpy and entropy notes
– Work through chemistry past paper questions (with a focus on Paper 1 topics)
– Attempt a C3 and C4 paper when I come home

I need to spend a solid chunk of this upcoming weekend on maths because I feel like I’m really forgetting everything with C3 and C4, which is terrible. Statistics is not too bad for me but I still need to work on probability, especially the equations surrounding conditional probabilities, as those questions are always a bit confusing. I think the main goal with statistics right now is to not forget everything, especially as my notes for that were kind of cut off in the middle.

Tomorrow is the penultimate day of college too, which is exciting, and we have half term after this week is over. I am aiming to spend the majority of my week off in the library, working away, so I can really make these last few days count.

That’s all I have time for today, as it’s almost time for Sehri to end and I still need to brush my teeth! Hope you are having a good week and everything is going well in your life. Thanks for reading!

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