Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a nice week and have some nice plans for the upcoming bank holiday weekend.

So today was the last official day of college ever! The prospect of the future is looming right over our heads now and University has turned from one of those things that you thought ‘Oh, it’ll be forever before I end up there’ into a very real and hopefully achievable goal for a few months time. I have mixed emotions but generally I’m quite happy to be done with lessons as I have more time to revise now and I’ll still be seeing everyone for revision and exams anyways.

It was a bit of a waste of a day though, admittedly, seeing as we didn’t do any revision in lessons, but we did quizzes instead. I guess it’s kind of cute, so I don’t really mind, though it does make me feel like I should have done more in the evening.

In terms of productivity, it’s not really been hugely productive but I don’t feel too negatively about what I got done today. I went over all my Component 1 biology notes in detail and identified two very specific concepts that I’m unsure about so I will do some research on them and update my notes, and I also got more printing for biology done because I still had mock papers that I hadn’t done yet left to print. I was going to attempt one of the Component 1 mocks too, one that my friend said was super easy, but I never got round to it and I didn’t really want to rush going over my notes. I think I’ll definitely be going over hopefully 2 whole components worth of flashcards everyday until the exam now in a rotation because I feel like spacing out my revision will help to consolidate things in my mind as opposed to needing to cram last minute.

My number one goal for this exam season is to avoid cramming as far as possible. Now, we all know my study habits, and this may seem a little unrealistic, but I’m going to try my very best to space things out. It’s at times like this that I wish I was the type to stick to a timetable but I know myself and I know it’s a waste of time for me to even attempt that.

This evening I have also started to prepare myself so I can try out a new revision technique, hopefully tomorrow. It’s called blurting and it consists of making a very time pressured mind-map on a topic using prompts that you make yourself. These prompts will have the general topic area with bullet points that tell you what you need to include in your mind-map so it’ll be the content of a topic but written in a format where there’s no answers on the prompt sheet. It strikes me as something that could be quite good, though I know I’m cutting it very fine with revision techniques at this stage in the course. Mainly, I just wanted to do it for the first chemistry paper because I am worried I don’t know any content for that, especially the stuff we covered last year.

I think it would be quite useful for biology too though, so I may try it out. The only thing I don’t want to really spend too much time on is making prompt sheets as that doesn’t feel like revision as such, but the actual process of making a mind-map and then going back over it afterwards and correcting and adding in sounds very useful.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Finish prompt sheets for Module 2,3 and maybe 5 for chemistry
– Blurt the aforementioned prompt sheets
– Attempt Paper 1 from the Practice papers for chemistry
– Do the Component 1 mock for biology I was planning on doing today
– Maybe try blurting for some biology topics (time dependent)
– C3 past paper

I’ve mentioned before how unprepared I feel for maths and that still stands, but I think the immediate panic of the science exams coming up so soon means I’m naturally inclined to focus on them. After tomorrow’s revision, I should be better prepared, particularly for Paper 1 of chemistry, which is something I want to ensure I get enough work in for.

When I started today’s post I was convinced I had nothing to write about but I’ve gone on about quite the detailed revision plan today! I hope you are enjoying your life and things are going well for you, especially if you’re approaching exam season too. I will speak to you all again tomorrow!

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