Hello my friends, I come bearing bad news.

Well it’s not bad as such, there’s much worse things on Earth, but in my little bubble I’ve been struggling. I basically did next to nothing today, you guys. I have never wasted so much time and felt so bad about it simultaneously. Being this close to the exams and being so unproductive makes my heart race and my mind flip to worst case scenario, yet I’m still doing nothing about it.

It’s so silly, I wish I could just slap myself across the face and tell me to get myself together. I really feel like it’s this worn out room that I’ve begun to associate with procrastination because that’s all I seem to do sitting here at my desk. I need to minimise all my distractions and stop feeling like I have all the time in the world left.

I was quite tired earlier but now I’m feeling a bit fresher so I think I may just stay up as late as I can and work into the night, especially seeing as the holidays have begun now and I have about a week to get my act together. I’ve mainly been working on chemistry today but I’m going to go over my Core Concept notes for biology and then continue with chemistry. Paper 1 is really stressing me out because it feels like it’s been ages since we covered any of that stuff, even though I’ve been chipping away at the Module 5 topics recently and these in particular are the harder topics on which questions could come up.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– C3 and C4 past papers, marked and corrected
– Chemistry past paper F325, marked and corrected
– Component 1 mock for biology

I can’t lose sight of the other topics however, because I know I definitely won’t have enough time if I focus solely on the first exams in each subject during this week.

Tomorrow will definitely be better and I will speak my productivity into existence. Even tonight, I will stay up as long as I can until I get tired and I will make solid progress with chemistry and go over Core Concepts. I am not about to let myself get sucked into this black hole of negativity and self loathing. I am capable and I am lucky to have the opportunity to be whoever I want to be through the means of education.

I hope things are going well for all of you and you are living your best life. Thanks for reading!

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