Hello everyone!

Unfortunately today I have not been very productive at all and I spent a great amount of time sleeping! Terrible, I know, but now that the week is properly starting from tomorrow, I hopefully won’t be having any more days like that.

So my main focus today -as it has been these past few days- was chemistry. I may be spending a bit too much time on chemistry, which is really not good because I need to spend some time doing other subjects. I’ve mainly just been working through past papers, particularly on Module 5, because I know that one has some quite difficult topics on.

I also finished the 2017 statistics paper but oh man, that was a difficult one! So crazy how you can do countless past papers that have basically all the same questions on and then they make one like that, with stuff you’d never even considered before. Mad! It just means I’m going to have to correct that properly tomorrow and go through it with a fine-tooth comb in order to make myself savvy to the tricky things Edexcel likes to introduce. I see you Edexcel, and I’m not about to let you win.

Not much else happened today. I did half a biology component 1 mock but I did that thing where you go through the paper very quickly and answer all the easy questions, so I need to go back and do the hard ones at some point.

Tomorrow, I want to tackle some problem areas in biology and chemistry. I also need to correct that S1 paper from 2017 and probably go back over certain topics in statistics that I am not very good at. Also, I kind of wanted to do some targeted revision on C3 and C4 topics, especially trigonometry and proofs in C3 and integration (by substitution in particular) in C4. I’m heading over to the library tomorrow and since I’m fasting, I’ll probably be able to spend a decent amount of time working there.

So my goals for tomorrow are:
– Mark and correct all my previous chemistry papers
– Make notes on any topics I’m still unsure of
– Try Practice Paper 1 from Set 1
– Go over biology component 3
– Attempt a Component 3 mock
– Make notes on any parts I don’t know
– Correct S1 2017 paper
– Try questions on harder C3 and C4 topics

That looks like a huge amount of stuff but hopefully I can get it all done. It’s officially one week tomorrow (technically today but I like to keep the days separate despite always writing in the early morning of the next day) until my chemistry exam! The end is on the horizon!

Thank you all for reading, I will be back to update you on my progress tomorrow.

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