Hello guys! Can you believe we’re already at the end of May?! It feels like so recently that I was starting my second year of college!

Today has been quite good in terms of my study progress and I think I may have gotten everything on my to-do list done! As I went to the library bright and early, I managed to get a lot of work done and I worked on three out of my four subjects which is a success I’d say.

Even though I planned on doing quite a bit of chemistry, I felt a bit sick of it seeing as I’ve been doing chemistry so much these past few days and mainly just corrected some old papers I’d done and made notes on some of the topics I was messing up on. For biology, I did a component 3 paper and kind of went over component 3 but not in much detail because I feel like I prefer to be immersed in an exam and just go back to notes for the odd piece of information here and there.

I also corrected my 2017 stats paper and did a solid amount of work on trigonometry in C3 and integration in C4 which is good because I know I need to space my maths revision out a bit more. I think maybe tackling each topic every few days would be a good idea and doing topic questions periodically might help to consolidate before I start hardcore past paper practice a while before the exam. With the C3 and C4 exams being in the last week of exams, I have a little bit of time before I need to properly knuckle down for them.

Tomorrow will be a day for biology. I was originally planning on meeting my friend today to go over all the biology content but she had to postpone so we are are going tomorrow and we’re aiming to iron out any kinks with the content. When I come home, I think I will do a few biology past papers to consolidate everything we go over.

I should also probably do a little bit of French actually because I’ve really not done any at all since our last lesson. Crazy, I know, but French feels like such an innate skill, I think I need to read French books and hone it as a skill as opposed to something I do just for the sake of an exam. I hope to get round to reading in French a bit more over summer too, which should be fun!

My study goals for tomorrow:
– Go over all of the biology content with my friend
– Make notes/pointers/hints for everything I’m unsure about
– Hopefully do a few past papers for biology when I come home

My main goal for tomorrow is to complete biology to a very high standard and cover everything to the point where I could do an exam on it the day after tomorrow. If I can do that then I’ll just need to do some content recap and a few more past papers in the lead up to the exams, which is ideal. I don’t think I’ll be able to get much else done tomorrow but I will take it as a success if I feel confident with biology afterwards.

That’s all I have time for today, I hope your life is going well and productive. I need to be up for 8 in the morning and I know it’ll be half 3 or 4 by the time I sleep, so it feels like a bit of a lost cause sleeping. Even though I sleep during the day for a solid two hours, it still feels like it’s not enough because my sleep is so broken up. However, despite everything, the sleep I get during the day is so incredibly peaceful and lovely, especially in this weather! With the sunlight streaming through my open curtains, fan on full blast, hugging my blanket, bedroom bathed in the warm glow of summer. Such bliss.

Anyways, I’ve gone off on a tangent again. Wishing you a lovely day, achieving your goals, making your money moves, I am rooting for you! Thanks for reading.

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