Hi guys!

I can’t lie, I’m struggling a bit today, with the amount of sleep I’ve had and the limited amount of work I’ve done. It’s not all doom and gloom though because I feel like I really straightened out some kinks I had with Component 1 and 3 of biology, but I really need to go over Component 2 again and try to understand some of the harder concepts more thoroughly.

My friend and I went through quite a lot of Component 1 and 3 and then we covered some of the practicals in Component 1 too as they are likely to come up. It reminded me that I actually need to go over practicals in chemistry so I may try and tackle that at some point tomorrow.

I feel like I’m at the point now where I’m just powering through past papers and correcting and trying again. Honestly, it’s a nice position to be in but I just need to make the most of it by doing as many past papers as humanely possible. I did a component 1 paper this evening and half of a component 2 one, which I may or may not finish today, depending on how tired I am for the rest of tonight. It’s really not enough and I’m a bit frustrated because I feel like I wasted a lot of time today even though it wasn’t really wasted. I even made some in-depth notes on nutrition because that’s a topic that I’ve been iffy with from the start.

Tomorrow I was planning on doing mainly chemistry but seeing as I didn’t get a huge amount of biology finished today, I think I’ll split my day half and half with both science subjects. I also need to do two French essays at some point but I really don’t know when I’ll have time for that so I’m kind of procrastinating with that at the moment.

My official study goals for tomorrow are:
– Finish the Component 2 past paper I started today
– Do a Component 3 paper
– Mark and correct all three papers (including today’s one)
– Write down a list of my mistakes in my notebook with notes again on what I got wrong
– Go over fuel cells in chemistry
– Do Practice Paper 1 from Set 1 in chemistry
– Mark and correct the chemistry paper
– Hopefully attempt more past paper questions for chemistry

On Friday, my chemistry teacher has organised a day to go over all the content and theory for Paper 1, which I think I’ll go to because being able to go over everything right from the start may be useful even if it is just being talked at for 4 hours and making notes on anything I’ve missed out. I imagine when that finishes I’ll stay in the library for a little while afterwards too until it closes just so I can get a bit more revision done.

I’m finding it a difficult pill to swallow that this week is almost over and tomorrow is Thursday! Everything is moving at a hundred miles an hour now and I am trying to just deal with things as they come and not worrying excessively about exams further in the future.

Also, my friend told me that she’s started her own blog! It’s so cute and she’s so determined to achieve all her goals! This is her link so be sure to check out her blog!

That’s all from me for today because I need to power through some biology for just a little while before I eat and go to sleep. Tomorrow will be another early start and I need to treat myself a bit better, particularly this close to exams. Thank you all for reading, hope you are keeping well!


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