Hi everyone! Hope you’re doing well.

My day has been average at best as I managed to mark and correct a few papers as well as completing some other ones for biology and chemistry. I got round to doing the first practice paper in the ones supplies for chemistry and it was alright but I just made so many silly, avoidable mistakes on it! It’s so frustrating when you make silly mistakes that you would never have made if you’d applied your mind even slightly to it. I have to say however, I know the content relatively well, it’s just answering certain questions that I need to be careful with.

Tonight I am planning to mark a biology Component 1 paper I did yesterday and then hopefully I’m going to finish reading No et Moi which is the book we’re studying for French and I need to reread the end of it, seeing as I started it ages ago! I am really cutting it fine with French in all honesty because I do need to explore the themes and characters in both the movie and the book before the essay exam but I have just been so tangled in chemistry and biology, I’ve not had any time.

I do need to do more work on maths too but I have some time before those exams. I think statistics will need quite a bit of work so I’ll have to work on that straight after Thursday’s biology exam.

Tomorrow I am attending the chemistry revision session that my teacher is holding from 9 to 12 and then I’ll be staying in college until 4 to do some more revision. I think I will be focusing on biology as I’ll already have done chemistry revision in the morning. Mainly, I want to fully understand Component 2 because I think that one is so content heavy, in particular, topics like sexual reproduction in plants and humans. My friend actually also wanted to go over these two topics so I said we could do that together just to consolidate and share knowledge.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Make chemistry notes on any topics that I’m unsure about during the revision session
– Consolidate my Component 2 knowledge
– Mark my Component 2 paper
– Hopefully attempt a Component 3 paper
– Go back over Component 1 and any topics I haven’t done so well on in past papers

I will probably get a few past papers done tomorrow but I don’t know exactly which ones I want to do yet and I’ll probably just decided impulsively in the day.

I should be heading off now, to continue chipping away at my list of stuff to do and then get some sleep. Thank you all for reading!

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