Hello everyone! Hope you’ve had a wonderful first day of June, especially knowing that summer is basically here!

My day has been relatively okay in terms of revision, which is absolutely crucial at this stage. I went to the revision session that my chemistry teacher held and it was alright but it was essentially just repeating a lot of things that I’d already covered in my own revision. He did, however, point some extra things out that we may have missed in our revision which was useful and he gave us some difficult papers, one F325 and one F322. After that, I did one of the papers he gave us (the F325 one) and then also did an F321 paper super quick because I thought it might be a good idea to consolidate all the stuff I’d recapped from last year. I also managed to almost complete a Component 1 paper for biology and went over human reproduction and plant reproduction because even though they’re on Component 2, I need to actually start some revision for the second papers.

Tomorrow I’m planning on doing a little bit of statistics revision because I’ve not spent a huge amount of time on stats and I really need to. I feel like my time has been unequally divided between my science subjects and the rest, which is only going to make the last week of exams unbearable for me, especially as even my intensive science revision has been focused on the first few papers.

I also desperately need to do organic revision! So desperately, I can’t even explain to you. I’m terrible at organic chemistry and I need to turn this train wreck around in about a week.

Reflecting on exams and exam results, I know I need to get three As in order to get into university and really, I am just hoping and praying that the exams are easy and I can pull it off. I mean, I should be able to realistically, because my predicted grades go above and beyond that but it’s just nerve-wracking to know that anything could happen on the day of the exam.

We can do it though! I am confident that I can pull it off and I am more than capable of achieving my grades for university. A little bit of hard work now will pay off later and I will thank myself for being diligent.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Finish and mark my current Component 1 paper if I don’t finish it tonight
– Make organic flashcards on all the synthesis routes for chemistry
– Work through hopefully two statistics papers
– Make detailed notes on plant reproduction and certain parts of human reproduction
– Try another F325 paper and mark any other papers that I haven’t marked yet

On Sunday I’m planning on doing the second paper from the practice papers supplied by OCR for chemistry and I’ve decided I’m not going to do any past papers the night before because I just want to recap the content.

In other news, it has barely felt like the holidays seeing as I’ve been in the library pretty much all day everyday but that’s okay as I’m sure my long summer will more than make up for it. I am unbelievably excited to finish exams, I can’t express to you adequately the feeling of potential freedom I can sense right now.

I will just continue to take things one at a time and hopefully that will not lead me astray. Thank you all for reading, I know it’s been so heavy on the study stuff recently but there’s honestly not much else interesting going on in my life and everything has been consumed by A-Levels.

Wishing you a productive day and successful ambitions, always.

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