Hi guys! Hope you’re all doing well.

I can’t lie, things have been quite slow today. I haven’t really finished anything but I’ve kind of started everything so at least I only need to finish things off now. I wrote one out of my two essays for French and I’ve made a solid plan for the other, as well as starting it too. I’ve also started the chemistry paper I intended to but I’m not sure if I’ll finish that today seeing as I think I’ll feel really strange not doing a past paper the day before the exam. My goal tomorrow will be to finish the paper, correct it, mark it and then go back over all the papers I’ve done so far and make quick pointers and notes on things to avoid for the exam on Tuesday.

That’s about it really. Not great, I know, but Sundays are truly a day to recuperate from the week and I won’t beat myself up for being unproductive today. Tomorrow marks the start of a new week which will hopefully be very productive and successful! I’m planning on spending every day at the library, which will be even nicer considering I don’t have lessons anymore, besides French of course, and I can spend my time doing useful work.

My goals for tomorrow are:
– Finish my second essay and email them both to my French teacher
– Go over all of Component 1 for biology and make extra notes on any topics I still don’t get
– Finish my chemistry paper from today and mark and correct it
– Go over other chemistry topics that are harder

I will get some other subjects out of the way in the morning so I can spend the rest of my evening working away on chemistry as the exam is on Tuesday.

I’m going to be honest, I’m nervous! I’m really looking forward to exams being over but I feel like I’ve worked so hard these past few weeks especially and the burden of exams is weighing heavy on my shoulders. In less than 20 days I’ll be free at last and it’s going to be so amazing, but to make it worth it I need to work the hardest I’ve ever worked. The truth is, I know I can do it and I know I’m capable of anything I set my mind to, so I have every faith that I can pull this off.

I think I’ll head off now and get back to work. If you’re also currently facing exams then I wish you the best of luck but let it be known that you’ve worked very hard for this, no doubt, and I hope your hard work pays off. Luck is but an abstract concept!

Despite it being exam season, I do intend to continue with my blog, though my posts may be much shorter than usual. I have big plans for this over summer though, so I’ll be back with a bang, I promise! Good luck and goodbye!

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