Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing well!

As for myself, I’m hanging in there. Tomorrow is my chemistry Paper 1, which is exciting in a very scary kind of way! This will be the first of my 11 exams since half term and I can honestly tell you that I’m counting down the days until they’re over.

In terms of my preparation and how I’m feeling about it today, I’m not feeling too negatively. Though I did check the grade boundaries for last year’s paper and I thought they were relatively high, especially as I feel like I drop so many little marks here and there. I managed to go through all my previous old papers and made a note of mistakes to avoid in the exam and I also went over various topics and calculations that I find difficult.

My attitude at this moment in time is ready to have a go at it. While I don’t think I’ll ever feel truly prepared for these exams, time is moving extremely fast and here we are on the eve of my first chemistry exam. I aim to channel all my positive vibes and try my very best because that’s all anyone can ask of you.

The run up to exams makes me think of a moment just a few weeks ago before my French speaking exam when a girl in my class, who had her exam in the morning, pulled a power pose, told us she’s got this and went in there with the most open, eager attitude. I can’t lie, that was so inspiring to me and I must remind myself to go in there with the same mindset.

I didn’t do anything else by myself today, which is so bad, I know, but I really couldn’t help it. I can simply not concentrate on anything else knowing I have an exam in a different subject the very next day. God knows how I’ll be when I have my clashes in the last week! Fortunately, my French teacher held a lesson on various points about the book we’re studying which was super helpful because I am still so clueless about everything that went on at the ending. So that was a good way to spend two hours taking my mind off chemistry.

We are taking things one at a time, as always, and we will do some excellent biology revision tomorrow. I should also really do a few more statistics papers because certain questions are very much make-or-break and making a tiny mistake on the first part of the question can have devastating knock on effects for the rest of it. That sounds so dramatic actually, I don’t think it warrants such dramatisation.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Go over chemistry notes tomorrow morning
– Do a statistics paper before I have a nap
– Try some Component 1 topic questions and old spec papers (after I have a nap)
– Go over my notes and make extra notes on topics I make mistakes with

You can see I’m centring my revision around my sleep schedule. I actually plan on sleeping in a nice, healthy amount tomorrow morning and maybe leave for college around 10 or half 10 so I get enough sleep as well as not having to kill too much time before the exam.

I should head off now, do a little bit more work and hopefully sleep soon. Thank you all for reading!

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