Hi guys. I return disappointed and frustrated with my exam today.

I mean, the paper itself wasn’t that bad in reality (except certain questions) but I don’t feel like I did my best. Honestly, every question people have mentioned in front of me, it’s made me remember something I missed or forgot to put in and I really wish it had gone better.

I had a good sulk earlier and I’m going to get it all out of my system tonight so I can move past it and focus on the rest of the exams now. We have biology on Thursday which will hopefully go well, and I’m hoping that my other chemistry ones go a lot better than today’s one.

It’s just disappointing when you revise so much for something and it still doesn’t go according to plan. I mean, it wasn’t absolutely horrific but it could have been a lot better. Oh well, we cannot dwell on it any longer.

My goals for tomorrow are:
– Work through as many biology Component 1 questions as possible
– Make extra notes on harder topics

Tonight I’m planning on recapping the remaining 2 components and Core Concepts so I can have some background knowledge going into tomorrow and the real exam. I will aim to do some synoptic questions as well so I can apply the stuff I’ve learnt today to some degree and not forget any of it.

So that’s it from me guys, we are powering through and working hard. Only a couple of days left! Hope you have been keeping well too. Thanks for reading.

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