Hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing well and enjoying life.

Tomorrow is my biology Component 1 exam (please excuse me while I cry myself a river!) so today has been a day very much focused on biology.

I slept in sufficiently this morning because I knew I’d be working all day but I didn’t roll out of bed at 2pm as I normally would, which is a win in my books. Also, I ended up staying in college until 6pm to get as much work done in the peace and quite after everyone had gone home because I feel like I only ever get proper work done when I’m not sitting around people I know. As such, work was quite slow until all my friends left but I managed to get a solid few hours doing exam question practice from different exam boards and particularly on graph questions and data analysis.

Since I got home I went over Component 3 and I’ve been blurting everything I know about the stages of respiration and photosynthesis, which I have yet to check over and improve. It’s been a little bit slow but not extremely so. In terms of how I’m feeling about the exam, I am really just looking forward to getting it over with. Biology is one of those subjects that you could revise for excessively and still do terribly with if you don’t answer the question properly.

My goals for tomorrow’s paper are:
– Read the question fully, underline all the important words
– Read the rubric again before answering questions based on it
– Keep my sentences straight and to the point (I don’t know if you’ve realised but I like to over-complicate things a lot of the time and it has never done me any good)

I am planning on checking everything that I’ve blurted now and adding things on where needed. Hopefully then I want to watch a video on calibration calculations and go back over my Component 1 notes before I sleep.

My actual study goals for tomorrow are:
– Make notes on certain Component 2 topics for biology
– Work through some F326 chemistry papers and maybe one from the Practice Papers
– Do a statistics paper
– Try and get some C3 and C4 practice in there too

I need to really put some work into all of my other subjects too as I feel like I’m neglecting everything severely until I have an exam in it soon. Not good at all.

I think I will get back to work now, thank you for reading!

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