Hello everyone!

Today was the day of the dreaded biology Component 1 paper! I am so happy it’s over but I’m not sure I did the best I could have possibly done on it. The paper itself, I thought, was quite fair and decent. There were a few links to other components but that was to be expected and I did go over everything else quickly too, in preparation.

I have to say though, I struggled with time on this one. Normally, I am quite good for time on biology but either I worked a lot slower today or the exam was longer. My main qualm with our biology exam board is the ridiculous amount of writing and the rubric they provide! It’s so long and convoluted, it takes a solid five minutes trying to understand and decipher everything it’s talking about!

I am really hoping and praying for it to have gone well. I’ve not really discussed my answers with anyone, which is the way I prefer it, and I’m in no mood to dwell on it now, as we need to move on to upcoming exams.

So for the rest of today, I went over some harder human reproduction and plant reproduction concepts which was quite useful because it really helped to clear things up in my head. I went through all my organic chemistry notes too and recapped the reactions and synthesis routes, before doing some questions on both biology and chemistry. I’m planning on doing a statistics paper now and marking it so I can really figure statistics out.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Attend the chemistry organic revision session at college
– Work through some F324 papers
– Try the first practice paper for chemistry
– Do some biology questions on Component 2 and try ones from other exam boards
– Do statistics questions by topic, focusing on topics I’m bad at.

So that’s the plan for tomorrow. I really need to do a lot of work tomorrow and get everything done so I feel confident with the exams coming up. Organic chemistry especially, I’ve never been very good at and I need to really smash that paper for the sake of my chemistry grade.

Nowadays I really feel like my life is just composed of too much stress and I am so fatigued by it. I need my exams to go better than they already have because my morale is a bit low. Next week especially, has some of the harder exams and the last week not only has some of the hardest exams, but I also have 6 (!) of them that week. I’m so lucky it falls right after Eid because my sleeping pattern will hopefully start sorting itself out then.

As always though, I’m focusing on things one at a time. This weekend I’m aiming to do a bit of C3 and C4 revision, hopefully a couple of past papers, just to make sure I’ve not forgotten anything about them.

I will go now and continue working. I hope you are keeping well and your exam season is going well if you’re doing exams right now. Remember to not let yourself be overwhelmed, acknowledge that it will be over soon and treat yourself right! Thanks for reading, I will update you all on my day tomorrow.

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