Hi guys! I hope things are going well with you.

I have had quite an unproductive but mentally taxing day today as I’ve not done a huge amount of work but the work I did do was very active in terms of applying brain power. First of all, I think the exhaustion is really catching up with me because the zombie-like state I’ve been in these past two days has been really obvious to everyone around me. It’s that kind of state where people are talking to you and your head can honestly not come up with a single thing to say to continue the conversation so you just smile and nod passively. Quite the change from my usual chatty nature, and as such, I have been asked a few times if I’m okay. (I’m fine! Don’t mind if I drool on your shoulder in case I fall asleep, but I’m great!)

So I went to chemistry revision today and we basically just did a wide range of questions on organic chemistry, with a focus on drawing mechanisms and recalling synthesis routes. I’m so glad I’ve made good notes for the Year 2 reactions because they came in handy and I feel like I can kind of stumble my way through questions without having to refer back to notes now. About time too, seeing as the exam is on Tuesday.

I stayed for a while afterwards too, working through some old chemistry papers but I was honestly so tired, I left earlier than I hoped to. Since coming home, I did an S1 paper, which went alright actually, and I’m just about to start the first Practice Paper for chemistry. Tomorrow I’m aiming to go to the library and focus solely on biology so I get the bulk of my biology revision done and on Sunday I just need to revise the content again.

In all honesty, I’ve left chemistry a bit late, especially seeing as it’s organic and that’s not my strongest area, but I am trying to not get overwhelmed and take everything as it comes. I still think it’s crazy how everything we’ve learnt in two years gets tested over the course of three weeks and that’s it, with no room for error.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Work through any basic past paper questions for all biology topics on Component 2
– Questions from different exam boards
– Have a look through practicals for Component 2 and make very quick notes on them
– Specimen paper for Component 2
– Maybe look over at the 2017 paper again but I’ve done most of the questions on that previously
– Finish chemistry Practice Paper when I come home (I know I won’t finish it today!)

I should ideally do both chemistry Practice Papers this weekend so I guess I’ll finish the first tomorrow and hopefully do the second on Sunday. In terms of biology, I’ve gone over a lot of the harder topics again and made good, detailed notes on them so I think it’s just a case of trying as many questions possible on them now and hopefully finding questions that ask about various parts of the specification. Component 2 in biology often includes a lot more synoptic links because it links so well with other topics and things from Core Concepts so I know I’ll need to go over everything in sufficient detail.

That’s it from me, I guess, I don’t really have anything exciting to share at all because my life has been so centred around revision and exams recently. Hopefully this is only short term and things pick up in my life again soon!

Thank you all for reading!

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