Hi guys! Hope things are going well with all of you!

I’ve had a relatively productive day today, fortunately! My Saturdays often are but my Sundays are the epitome of laziness, so I guess there’s a nice balance. I went to the library this morning (despite everything in me screaming to get back into bed and catch up on my sleep) and I managed to get almost everything ticked off my to-do list. I spent the first hour just finishing the chemistry paper I started yesterday and I think I’m going to mark that in a little bit, before I moved on to biology past paper questions for the rest of the day. Mainly, I was working through questions from different exam boards and every time I came across something I wasn’t doing great with, I did some heavy, detailed notes on those topics. It was so nice and peaceful, I know I’m going to love having my summer free of all academic responsibility but there is honestly something so tranquil about sitting in a library by yourself, working away.

I am doing the specimen paper right now for Component 2 and then I’m planning on going over some of the components again, with a special focus on Core Concepts because there were quite a few Core Concept topics that came up on the Component 1 exam and I need to learn all of that in sufficient detail.

That’s it really, it’s been the kind of day where I’ve answered a lot of questions and marked and corrected them all as I went along so I’ve been learning a lot. In general, I’m feeling better on Component 2 now, though I think I need to do a few more exam questions before I properly feel ready.

My study goals for tomorrow:
– Complete the second chemistry Practice Paper
– Go over all of organic chemistry again, memorise reactions
– Go over Component 2 biology, including extra notes
– Work through some more questions with synoptic links
– Do a Statistics paper

I hope I can be a bit more productive tomorrow than I have been these past few Sundays, especially because I desperately need to figure statistics out before Wednesday’s exam. Ideally, I should have done some today but I don’t know why, it totally slipped my mind. One important thing to do for maths however, is to go over the 2017 Statistics paper because that was really quite difficult and I need to make sure I understand every aspect of it.

That’s it from me guys, hope you’ve been having a lovely, productive weekend, staying positive and working hard. I will update you all on my progress tomorrow!


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