Hi guys! It’s been a troublesome day today.

I have been very slow and lazy, which I kind of knew would happen but it just stings this close to exams. I did a statistics paper and I did half of the second Practice Paper for chemistry (I’m saving the rest of it for tomorrow so I can get some active revision done the day before my chemistry exam) but I’ve been doing biology otherwise.

I worked through a range of questions from other exam boards and did the specimen paper for our exam board, which actually had so many questions I’ve already done before, it almost felt like cheating! Other than that I’ve not done much. I did go over Core Concepts again this morning which was useful and my only goal for tonight is to look over the Component 2 content in extreme detail and make sure I know all of it. I’ve made quite a few extra notes on Component 2 as well so I’m going to read back over them so I can figure all that stuff out.

In all honesty, I feel quite unprepared going into this. I looked over the 2017 paper for Component 2 and it had so much stuff for Core Concepts and I thought certain questions were quite difficult. I just hope tomorrow’s paper is good to us and not too difficult, because my head hurts just thinking about the kind of stuff they could throw in there. I won’t sugarcoat it, I’m worried about this one. Component 2 has never been my strongest area, though I do find it to have some of the most interesting topics in.

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Look back over any Components I’m not too confident with before the biology exam
– Finish the second Practice Paper for chemistry
– Go back over my notes for organic chemistry
– Go back over my past paper questions for chemistry

This week is going to be hard, my pals, but we have to get through it as best as we can. I’m relying on my hard work to pull through and make me do well on the exams this week, especially as this isn’t even my worst week and my most intense exam period will come next week.

In other news, my phone charging cable broke today so I’ve been trying to use it (my phone) as minimally as possible and I’ve kept it on low power mode all day. My brother said he’d lend me his cable for the night so at least my phone will be charged for tomorrow, but I was thinking that it’s probably a blessing in disguise that it broke because now I have to focus on my work. Funny how the world works, isn’t it!

That’s all from me today guys, hopefully I’ll come back tomorrow with great news of a successful exam! I hope things are going well with you and your exam season has been successful so far.


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