Hello everyone!

I had biology Component 2 exam today, which was definitely an interesting paper! I think the most striking thing about it was the fact that we spend two years poring over the big, hard concepts in a component, only for there to be no questions on some of topics. That’s it. Two years of studying gone down the drain because the paper included such little of the actual component in.

That’s a bit dramatic to be honest, the exam honestly wasn’t that bad. I feel better about it than the first as well, which is nice, but it just didn’t feel like a representative exam for what we learnt.

I spent the rest of the day working through chemistry, finishing my second Practice Paper and marking and correcting it, before moving on to some other questions. I almost finished the specimen paper too but I didn’t have enough time so I might finish it tomorrow but more likely I’ll just mark what I’ve done and hope to not make those mistakes again.

I’m not going to lie, I’m quite worried about organic chemistry. I always feel like I’ve never been very good at it, although I think in reality I’m better at it than I think I am. I just really want to do well, and after the mess I made of the first chemistry exam, I absolutely need this one to go well. I told this to my parents earlier as well and now they’re extremely worried, I think, because my mum keeps looking at me in that way where she’s afraid for my future.

It’s all good though, we will try our hardest on tomorrow’s exam and hopefully it’ll go well. I am praying for a good paper because I really do like chemistry (when I understand it!)

My study goals for tomorrow are:
– Chemistry revision before the exam: marking specimen paper, making any extra notes
– Looking over all synthesis routes again
– Working through some statistics past papers in the evening, looking over notes
– Watching a walkthrough of the 2017 paper, because that one was difficult

My sleeping routine has been so messy so as much as I dislike afternoon exams because of the extra stress in the morning, I do appreciate being able to sleep in and still having some time to look over notes in the day before I go for the paper. Everything is just too stressful at the minute and my whole life has been reduced to sleeping and working. Even fasting is going to stop soon as Ramadan comes to an end, and Eid should be on Friday, though I’ve expressed to my family that we will have to postpone any celebrations for a week while I finish my exams.

The hustle does not stop, my friends. I hope you’ve been keeping well and exams are going well for you if you’re currently having exams.

Summer should be really good hopefully, as my big brother will come back in early July and then we can enjoy our responsibility-free holidays. The thought of freedom is keeping me going!

Thank you all for reading, best of luck with exams if you have any coming up.

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