Hello everyone!

I write this while every bone in my body aches for sleep. Between getting up early for my morning exam today and napping for all of one hour during the day, you can probably tell I’m struggling tonight.

My exam was okay today. I suppose it could have gone worse. From speaking to other people, I think it went worse for them than how it went for me so I really hope I didn’t make any stupid mistakes anywhere. Certain questions were very difficult and I was surprised to see such new concepts arising when it’s the last year of this modular A-Level course!

I stayed after my exam for a while to do some maths revision on C3 and C4, before I gave up and came home. Essentially throughout the day, I’ve managed to complete an odd assortment of random questions, before following it up with an exam paper. It was one of those IAL ones that has C3 and C4 combined, spanning a total of two and a half hours. I really should mark it tonight but I can’t lie, that’s looking unlikely with the state of fatigue I’m facing right now.

I also need to do some French revision! I’ve neglected French way too much and I know I’m going to struggle so much with the exams if I don’t clean up my act and start doing some work for it. Especially the essays, as I’ve totally forgotten what the ending of the book was even like and if I get an essay on the ending of the book then I am truly and utterly finished.

So my game plan for the next 4 days before our home stretch of exam season is to put an emphasis on maths and French. Real talk, I am so sick of doing biology and chemistry now and I am going to put them on a back burner just while I get up to speed on maths and French.

My study goals for tomorrow:
– Attend French revision in the morning
– Spend the rest of my day in college making mindmaps on themes and characters for the book and film in French
– Write my own quick chapter summaries for the second half of the book
– When I come home I need to do some more maths past paper question practice, targeted on specific topics this time
– Go over biology Component 3 and highlight any ideas I need to go over and make detailed notes for

Today has been a slower day than I hoped it would be but I think I’ll take this loss as less of a loss, and more of a well deserved break after the intensity of these past few days. Hopefully I can sleep well tonight and I feel rejuvenated to work hard tomorrow.

That’s it from me, guys, hope your exam season is going well and you have been staying healthy during it all. If you’re also currently doing A-Levels then let’s rejoice in the fact that exams will all be over next week! If you’re doing GCSEs and your exams finish this week then I am envious but I know your exams have been numerous and difficult, so go spend some time relaxing!

Thank you all for reading!

2 thoughts on “13/6/18

  1. sara

    DEAREST Malaikah,

    You’re forever inspiring me beyond mere words. I’ll always be your #1 fan.

    Thanks for being the single most amazing person I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. musingsofanunmotivatedstudent

      Sara, your support and love is all I need to get me through anything. You have left a mark so deep on my heart, I can’t ever imagine my life without you. All my love, always ❤


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