Hi guys!

I’ve been very complacent today, which is not good at all. I didn’t have an exam but I attended French revision in the morning and then spent a good couple of hours in college just working on revising for French, in particular, the essay paper. The thing is, I’ve never felt more unprepared and generally clueless about an exam before. I’m now thinking not picking French would have been a more solid course of action as I would have been able to focus more on my other three subjects.

Oh well! It’s a bit late for that now so I suppose we just need to power through and suck it up.

Tomorrow there’s a chemistry revision class going on but I honestly don’t think I’m going to go. I’ve attended the ones for the targeted papers and this last paper will be a mixture of everything so I’ve covered all the content and I feel like I can revise better by myself. I will still go into college pretty early so I can do revision, but I doubt I’ll go to the revision class.

My focus for tomorrow will be making quick chemistry notes on everything that didn’t come on Paper 1 and could potentially come up on Paper 3, before completing the first Practice Paper. I also want to do some more maths practice, especially to straighten out any kinks with C3 and go over all of biology Component 3 in detail and make extra notes on any hard topics.

Officially, my study goals for tomorrow are:
– Chemistry notes on potential topics for Paper 3
– First chemistry Practice Paper
– C3 revision
– Go over Component 3 and note any difficult concepts

Also, it’s Eid tomorrow! Today was the last fast, which is so crazy, because it has flown by unbelievably quickly. As such, we did go out this evening, so my day has been a lot slower than it should have been and we’ll probably go out tomorrow night as well so I intend to get most of my work done at college before I come home. I know it’s Eid but I don’t think I can rest easy until the exams are well and truly over. For ages, I’ve been joking that we’ll have to postpone our Eid for a week until A-Levels finish but of course, that’s wishful thinking.

I think I will head off to bed now as I’m so tired and still need to wake up decently early tomorrow. Thank you all for reading, I hope you have a wonderful Eid if you celebrate it and everything is going well in your life.


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