Hi guys, I’m so tired, I’m practically falling asleep at my desk tonight!

So today was the French listening/reading/translation paper and the biology exam, and I can fairly say that both papers went much worse than I was expecting them to. I mean, I did my best with what I had so I don’t really blame myself much but the papers were hard and the French paper was actually ridiculous because there was quite a significant discrepancy with one of the questions and after reading all the tweets on Twitter about it afterwards, I think (and I hope) that a lot of people are going to complain to the exam board about it.

The third and final biology paper was worse than the first two in my opinion and I felt a little bit like I struggled my way through the whole paper. Oh well! I’m just glad that I’ve at least finished exams in one subject. We just have four exams left now throughout the week and I am counting down the days eagerly.

Tomorrow is the C3 maths which is my weaker topic when comparing to C4 but I am really hopeful that I can do decently enough on it. I am praying that things go well and I’m successful with maths because I really want to do well on it.

My study goals for tomorrow:
– C3 revision before the exam
– Do the second Practice Paper for Unified Chemistry
– Make some more notes on the book and film for the french essay paper

I also did some work on chemistry and French this evening because I acknowledged how difficult it was going to be to fit all of it in tomorrow morning, especially considering just how little of the book I know and remember. I am absolutely dreading it, you guys, I can’t tell you in appropriate words how unprepared I am.

Due to my very bad sleeping habits, I’m absolutely exhausted right now and I think I’m going to head to bed. I intend to do a bit of revision tomorrow morning since it’s an afternoon exam and I think I’ll be able to concentrate a bit better when I’m not such an exhausted mess.

We are hanging on tight for these last four days, my friends, I know we can do it! I will take things one at a time and approach them with the most open mentality I have in order to succeed hopefully. Honestly, my goal is to just get through this week and keep my sanity intact.

Thank you all for reading, hope you are keeping well!

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