Hi guys! We have 3 exams left for this week and after tomorrow we’ll only have 1, we’re slowly but surely getting through it all.

My C3 exam today was average at best. Some parts were okay but I thought certain parts of some questions were quite difficult. Regardless, I did as much working as possible so I’m kind of relying on method marks to get me through. In terms of how I’m feeling for C4, I hope it will be pretty straightforward and I should be able to do decently enough. For real though, I’m so glad I have a day without exams before C4 because I can focus solely on that on Thursday and make sure I put my 100% effort in for that exam.

So tomorrow I have the French essay paper and Unified Chemistry, which are both papers that I’ve been dreading. For French, I think it will just depend on the question and I’ve spent a great deal of time today going over themes and characters so I really hope that things go okay. Chemistry, on the other hand, is a whole new can of worms because this paper is supposed to be the hardest but equally, has the lowest grade boundaries. As such, I’m trying to get as much good revision in as possible so I can squeeze myself a good grade on this paper and hopefully continue to make up for how atrociously the first paper went.

I did the second Practice Paper for chemistry this evening as well which didn’t go fantastically but I guess it’s all a learning experience. Let’s hope the exam is more of a testament of how much I’ve learnt with all of my mistakes corrected as opposed to another paper to learn from.

My study goals for tomorrow:
– Revise for chemistry after the French exam
– Do C4 topic questions when I come home

I think I will try and ensure I do a significant amount of work tomorrow night for C4 and then head to the library on Thursday so I can get a solid 5/6 extra hours in there and then hopefully there should be no stress for Friday. I am so close to the end now, I am unbelievably excited. All I need is to sleep off all the exhaustion of this past year.

Actually, funnily enough, I think I’ve been sleeping better during exam season than I do normally! I think it’s because I’ve prioritised sleep so much and everything I do is in accordance with how many hours of slumber I can include because I know my personal performance on exams is really affected by tiredness.

That’s all I really have to share today, as I should get back to revision before I sleep. I think I’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief after tomorrow and the stress will be slightly lifted.

I hope you’ve been doing well and your exams are going well too if you’ve still got exams going on, thanks for reading!

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