Hello everyone!

I had another intense day today, with the French essay paper in the morning and then Unified Chemistry in the afternoon but all in all, I don’t think it went too badly. I mean, realistically, both papers were decent but on French especially, I felt a bit like a fish out of water and I rambled on a lot, which I tend to do with my essays anyways. I was thinking while I did the essay, that if someone had asked me to answer those questions in English, I would’ve written some great essays but it’s the accuracy and focus on grammar that’s just so difficult with learning another language. Also when you write, there’s absolutely nowhere to hide your mistakes, it’s all out in the open, which is kind of avoidable with speaking.

Chemistry was a surprisingly adequate paper too, which was a little bit of a shock seeing as I was honestly preparing for the worst, but I feel like I made quite a few silly errors on certain questions so I guess only time will tell just how the paper really was.

It’s been a wild ride but now three out of my four A-Level subjects are officially finished! Just the maths C4 exam left on Friday, and I’m praying so hard that it goes well. Reflecting back on C3, I realised just how much I got wrong so I don’t have much hope left for that but at least it’s over now and I don’t need to think about it again. C4 is substantially more difficult I think, with vectors and integration and parametrics and connected rates of change so I need to do a lot more work on that. Today after I finished my exams, I came home and had a more relaxed evening which I really needed after doing five exams in three days. I’m working through a past paper now which is almost finished so I think I’ll finish it, mark it and then head to bed. Tomorrow I’m planning on going to the library and working through topic questions on every topic with an extended focus on stuff I keep getting wrong.

My official study goals for tomorrow are:
– C4 b4 anythingggg

You must be able to tell I’m on the verge of delusion now. I am feeling a bit emotional also, actually, because I’ve been writing almost everyday since February about my study goals and I don’t know how much it has really helped in terms of productivity, but it’s been so cathartic for me. The idea of keeping a journal has always been something that appealed to me but I never had the willpower to keep a paper journal going and I always ended up starting things only to never finish them. This feels a little bit different, maybe because there is an element of other people reading and supporting, though I don’t think I could consider it a replacement for a journal.

Okay well I should go now. I still have a paper to finish and it’s nearing 1am. Guess I’ll be marking it tomorrow… or maybe even finishing it tomorrow. No, I’m just joking, I’ll try my best to finish it tonight.

Thank you all for reading, I hope everything is going well for you and exams are treating you well.

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