My First Week at University

Hi pals, I couldn’t think of a witty enough title for this post which should tell you clearly enough how exhausted I am, and it’s been nowhere as intense as a normal week would be!

So today is Saturday the 22nd of September and I started university on Monday the 17th. We are one week down, with only 249 more to go, courtesy of our lecturer yesterday, who informed us of this interesting statistic.

It’s been very much just a week of introductions and essential skills so we became more familiar with the learning style (PBL) and many of the staff who lead our course. Also, just the transition between studying at sixth form and university has been quite different, so getting used to that has been a process in itself. If you’re unaware, I’m staying at home while I attend university, seeing as I live in the same city, but the commute has been quite tiring overall. I mean, my commute to college was kind of similar but university is a little farther away and walking through the storms this week was not fun. (CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL, MY FRIENDS)

Furthermore,  I’d like to point out that there must be something deeply different in my hardwiring nowadays because I’ve come home every single day this week and absolutely crashed, resulting in a mega nap. I’m really hoping that it’s just because my sleeping routine during summer was so atrocious but this isn’t healthy at all and I really need to stop taking naps. It’s honestly so surprising how in high school I managed to come home after a full day and still have the energy to do so much stuff! I know everyone talks about this, but it’s so real and something I’m actually so confused about.

Socially, it’s been a nice week meeting lots of new people, though the introverted part of me celebrated the whole time I travelled home yesterday because it’s hard keeping myself together for so long while meeting so many new people every day. I’m excited to meet more new people though, especially as everyone I’ve met already has been so nice.

In terms of the way the course is run, I don’t know if I can fully tell how it’s going to be just yet because we’ve barely started proper work yet and even PBL will need some experience before I can comment on its effectiveness. We’ve started on a little bit of anatomy, covering the nervous system, which is fun, and we were introduced to our group’s cadaver, which was such an interesting experience. The fact that people choose to donate their bodies for students to learn from is such a compassionate and humbling idea to me and I’m so honoured to have the chance to learn in such a realistic environment.

Overall, everything is going well so far. Yesterday I was standing in anatomy and it really hit me when we were talking about the different parts of the brain that I am exactly where I wanted to be so many years ago. I have crossed every bridge I needed to cross to get here and it really surprised me that I was finally studying what I wanted to study. Maybe the years upon years of studying subjects with little interest for the sake of a certain grade really tripped me up because to be here now, learning what I want to learn, with the passion to learn for the sake of gaining knowledge is a little bit unreal to me.

Thank you all for being patient with me and sticking through the hard things. I can’t imagine medical school will be easy by any means but I hope to have the discipline and motivation to get through anything that’s thrown at me now.



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