Life Update #19329184673

It feels like every other blog post I make is about me and my life and my FEELINGS because I seem to have so many of them, with so many things to express all the time!

So to bring you up to date on where I’m at currently, I am pleased to inform you that I’ve made it, stumbling, stuttering and stealthily into my second year of university, still studying medicine. That’s right, guys, back at it again for round two after making it through round one! Beyond that, I just turned 20 years old earlier this week, and I’ve now started the trek into the twenties! A wild thought, honestly, because I feel like I’m still 12 years old at heart.

To tell you the truth, summer was a little rough because I think the excess time gave me the chance to overthink about myself, my life and where I’m going, but it’s been easier to focus on obstacles one at a time since uni has started. The first few weeks back at uni felt really intense because I had so many tasks lined up, and it was the first time in four months I actually went back to any semblance of a regular routine, but I’ve slipped into it quicker than I thought I would. As much as I criticise the idea of such a structured educational regime, I really don’t know where I’d be without it, because this is all I’ve known my whole life.

A huge feeling in my life recently has been excitement! Maybe it just takes me a while to get used to something, but for some reason, I’ve really felt excited and passionate about pretty much every aspect of the course so far this year. The sessions I dreaded last year feel like a world away, and I feel like I’m properly in my element since I first started university.

Above all, however, is how clear it’s become to me that the people you choose to spend your time with shape the way you perceive and interpret the world. I feel so incredibly lucky to know such positive people who support and love me, and I feel like we could get through even the worst of situations together. I would always have classed myself as a generally positive and enthusiastic person, but since meeting people who respond with equal positivity, I view everything with a more optimistic eye. It was one of the things that I really pondered on over summer and I realised that I should give people the benefit of the doubt more often and assume the best in them, because doing the opposite was a greater mental burden on me than anyone else.

I really just feel content with the way my life is going right now. I feel so blessed for every opportunity and everyday because I get to go and do something that I’ve dreamt of doing for years prior. My biggest goal is to know and acknowledge that a situation that’s undesirable for me will no doubt have benefits that I can’t see right now. After all, what do I really know about what’s best for me?

That’s kind of it, really. Semester 3 has been keeping me very busy with its complex cases and new concepts, but the content is so interesting and as I’ve mentioned multiple times already, it’s a joy to learn about things that excite me.

I hope all of you are enjoying your lives, whatever you might be doing, and attempting to live your best life everyday. Sometimes I feel ridiculously cheesy saying things like that all the time, but I hope I can express to you that I embody this energy wholeheartedly in my everyday life as much as I do here!

Wishing you all the best for the things you’re going through. Big love for anyone who actually takes the time to read the stuff I write.

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