How to Find Your Peace

These past few months have been tumultuous times in many ways. I can appreciate that as much as life goes on, there is so much value in slowing down, relieving stress and grounding yourself once again.

I compiled a list of all the different ways that help me to find my peace, especially nowadays.

Let nature guide you

Go to the park and take a long walk in the fresh air. Nothing brings me peace like spending some time by myself outside. I think it rejuvenates me and brings me back to life in a way. It’s a nice way to reset for me.

Spend time in silence

Have you ever really sat in silence with yourself? I know the first time I truly isolated myself from all the distractions I have around me, it surprised me so much to realise that I never spend time in silence. Now this is a vital part of my life. Put your phone away, don’t sit in front of a screen, don’t even sit in bed. I sit upright on a chair and try to rid myself of thinking about anything bothering me so my thoughts can wander where they don’t normally go.

Socialise in different circles

Close friends are incredible and should be valued so deeply. Equally, I think it’s nice to find virtual communities that revolve around different hobbies and interests that you have. I think places like Twitter and Reddit can be nice to find such communities.

Find your peace in food

Bake yourself something new and delicious. Cook yourself something fun and exciting. Not only do you find something different to focus on for some time, but you also get something (hopefully!) tasty by the end of it. I feel like making food is such a satisfying way to spend your time, and it’s a process that you can really get absorbed in to help you find the peace you crave.

Work out

I know this sounds like a joke. How can sweating, huffing, and puffing help you find peace?! Sounds ridiculous, right? I’ll be very honest with you, I was very sceptical too, but my opinions are quite the contrary now. I feel like exercising means you can concentrate on something else and the problems of reality really melt away. It’s been a huge getaway for me these past few months, and something I’ve brought into my routine permanently, I hope.

Consume new content

When I feel like I’m stuck in a rut, I try something new. So, when I felt like I was getting bored of the regular stuff I was doing, I tried finding things in a new form, a different medium, or even a genre I wouldn’t normally go for. Content surrounds us everywhere, all the way from obvious things like TV shows and movies, to the things we see on our social media feeds. Try and tailor your timeline and feed differently to find new things and reignite your views.

Work through recommendations

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have an ever-growing list of things you need to watch, read or do. Work through them and take time to savour them. I find it intriguing to see what specific people recommend me because I feel like it tells you a lot about them too.

Treat yourself

I know peace isn’t always (or ever) retail therapy, but sometimes you just need what you need. Often, I try not to buy clothes or shoes to find peace, and instead I try to buy things that really indulge me in a deeper way. Some exquisitely fresh in-season fruits? Sign me right up!

Learn something new

This brings me peace because it reminds me of how young I am and how much life I still have to live. Every fact zooms me out to the bigger picture instead of the smaller puzzle pieces, and I know that the amount of knowledge out there would swallow me whole, so I don’t have to figure everything out and I’ll still be okay.

I hope this has given you some ideas on how you can slow down in your own life and find peace. Peace means different things for everyone, but I think the core of it is a clear head in terms of where you stand and what you feel.

Hope you are staying safe and keeping well.

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