Seasonal Reset: How to Make the Colder Months a Bit Brighter

Some people prefer the cosiness of winter, while others prefer the freedom of summer. Me, I would place myself firmly in the latter camp and I really kind of dread the coming of winter because I would rather be outside in the sun, as opposed to inside in the snow. Something about the dullness of life during colder months just makes me sad, and I feel like given the current climate especially, this year may be worse than any other.

I suppose, until I can shift my life to a tropical country to live off the grid forever, the cyclical changing of seasons is something I must deal with, preferably with at least some of the optimism I employ for other things in my life.

Here I’ve compiled a list of some of the things I do now that we’re heading into colder seasons.

Natural light is a gamechanger

The absolute first thing I do when I get out of bed is to open my curtains as wide as possible so I can bask in the light of day. Even if it’s a bit gloomy, it still brightens up the room a bit and when you’re up super early for work or school, it helps you adjust better to being awake and reduces the strain on your eyes from artificial lighting.

If it’s not too cold, I like to go stand outside for a few minutes in the morning as well, because the fresh air is so refreshing at that time of day, and gives me some peaceful minutes to contemplate life.

Introducing more colour into life

This might sound a bit strange, but a lot of the time, when I’m feeling a certain type of way, I can make myself feel better just by seeing more colour around me. I think everyone’s winter wardrobe tends to gravitate towards darker or more neutral colours, but when I purposely try and wear brighter colours, or adapt my summer wardrobe into winter outfits, I feel more positive every time I catch myself in the mirror.

And it’s not even just in terms of clothing. Having more colour in my surroundings also makes me feel better, whether that’s wall art or flowers. I came very close to painting my room yellow recently, and the only thing that stopped me was the amount of effort it would have taken, which may have been too extreme now that I’ve started university again and I don’t have the time to pursue a whole renovation project of my own.

Red flowers in a little vase

Eating and drinking heartily…

As much as my disdain for the cold, there’s something undeniably comforting about being at home and eating a big, possibly unhealthy meal. I feel like there’s an unspoken sense of leniency during winter when you eat food at a frequency you probably shouldn’t, like, oh, this is the fourth night in a row you’ve had takeout?? That’s okay – treat yourself!

Though, this doesn’t always apply to unhealthy food either. I find myself buying way more fresh fruits during winter, just because they make me happy, and I love snacking on sweet strawberries or grapes.

… But don’t stop exercising!

This one is a callout to me because I’ve not worked out in a while. It’s the type of thing that really has no cons to it but getting started with it everyday is hard. I know I’ll feel infinitely better after I’ve worked out but there’s so much friction between me right now, and the me that will exist in an hour from now after I’m done.

I remember during lockdown I went through a phase of working out super regularly, every single day, and I was really feeling myself pretty much throughout the whole of lockdown. I ended up stopping while we were having renovations done to our house and since then, I never properly managed to get started again. My goal for this upcoming week is to get back on to it and start with regular exercise again.

I know during winter, it can be more difficult because I feel like I have less energy, especially while trying to do all my uni work as well. Something small that helps me is having workout clothing that’s really nice and warm because I don’t like being cold in the lead up to start working out. Also, sometimes when I don’t feel like it at all but I know I should, I’ll just put my workout clothes on and then go about my day, and eventually, I end up feeling like I should go work out since I’m already ready for it.

Hope some of you guys can relate to this, because I feel like I’m always in the minority in terms of preferring summer to winter. I know it’s only October, and we still have autumn left, but this changing of seasons is particularly marked by the drop in temperature, which is my big issue. Well that, and the very short days, waking up in the dark, coming back home in the dark…

What is your favourite season? What are your favourite things to do as the colder seasons approach? I would love to know.

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