Is Blogging A Dying Art?

My Blogging Journey

I started my blog in February 2018 so we’re up to over two and a half years of its existence. Although it has changed a lot over this time, including multiple rebrands and changes in content type, I feel like it has always been something I do purely for myself, my own corner of the internet where I can put what I want.

Today, I wanted to take you on a journey with me, through the years, of what it was, what it’s become, and how I see it being in the future.

How It Started

Blogging is a dying art

When I said to my little brother that I was starting a blog he made a face that only little siblings can and pointed out that “blogging is a dying art”.

Fortunately for myself, however, I had made up my mind long before even telling him that. I didn’t believe that written word could ever be a medium that’s ‘dying out’ but I understood his concerns all the same because until you hook people in and get them emotionally invested in your stories, nobody wants to read them. For me, this was minor. I almost didn’t want anyone to read it because it was a safe place for me.

As such, Musings of an Unmotivated Student was born (the OG name!)

For that first part of 2018, up until about June, I was making daily update posts documenting my studies for the day as a way to keep myself accountable, with a little action plan at the bottom for what I wanted to achieve the next day. This was my first stint of regular writing on this blog and it really benefitted me academically, I thought. The ultimate overarching goal, of course, was to get into university, which ended up working out.

Over that summer, I made a few posts I remember being very proud of at the time, including a guide to A-Levels for students who’ve just finished GCSEs and my opinion piece on the educational reform from modular to linear A-Levels which was a big deal at the time.

The blog got a bit quieter when I started university because I put it on the backburner for some time, while I got myself acclimatised to the new environment. I still did sporadic posts throughout the first two years of uni, notably about the mistakes I made in first year and I reviewed my first semester as well.

What It Became

At some point throughout all of this, my study blog warped into a blog about me and my life. The study niche, although a lot of my content still lies here, was too restricting for me. At its core, I wanted a place where I could share anything I wanted, and not feel bad about sharing irrelevant things to an uninterested audience. How else would you know about this fantastic brownie recipe I shared last year?!

Since the end of May this year, I’ve reverted to regular posting, this time weekly, which has been a fun experience so far. Even since starting university again in September, I’ve managed to keep up with weekly posts, and I’m really glad I’ve kept this as a priority. I think it was probably lockdown that drove me to consistent posting once again, so I suppose this is a positive that’s come out of this whole situation for me.

What It Will Become

I guess the great thing about this being my blog is that I can change it any way I like with no issues or delays. However, having said that, I’m happy with the place we’re at with Made by Malaikah at the moment. I think in the short/medium term, I’d like to continue weekly posting.

In terms of content, I have been particularly enjoying working on stuff that’s more specific to university life and studying and medical school because that’s just so relevant right now, and even though it has evolved beyond a study blog, it will always remain that way to an extent. That type of content excites me, and I enjoy reading it, which is why I want to emulate it. I’ve also been looking into writing longer pieces on current issues at hand, but with limited time to research them and make them perfect, it may be a while before I manage to get any of those out.

I’m always looking for new ways to spice things up or new perspectives to cover because I know that this type of content can become a bit one-note. If you have any suggestions or ideas of things you want to see me cover then I’d love to know!

I hope that’s been interesting. I have really been enjoying writing blog posts and working on my blog recently, so I thought it was only fitting to share my journey as it feels like I’ve been working on this much longer than the almost-three years it’s actually been in reality. When I think about it, it’s still so early on this journey, and I hope to continue it for a long time.

Hope you have been staying safe and well in these ever-changing circumstances. Let me know how things have been with you.

2 thoughts on “Is Blogging A Dying Art?

  1. This is a fantastic post! I love your content because it’s so genuine and fun to read, and as a fellow student, I’m glad to see so much study motivation and content on your blog. Keep it up!

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