A Weekend in my Life

Hi guys! Hope you’re all doing well. I didn’t write a blog post last week which was the first time in months that I’ve strayed from this routine, but I just ended up so busy over the last weekend with so much stuff on my plate that it got too difficult. A common theme in my life right now is having a lot on my plate related to university, and it’s not even that there’s a huge workload or anything, but flitting between so many different tasks has been draining my energy as of late.

I thought I’d write something on what a typical weekend looks like for me while I’m at university, especially because I feel like third year of medicine is a whole different ball game.


I normally get up at 10am on Saturdays, which may not sound early to anyone, but by my standards, to be up and ready to work by 10am is a huge achievement, especially when I think back to my ridiculous sleeping routine over summer. I like to get started a bit earlier because I try to squeeze the most out of the early weekend so I can relax later on. I just get lazier as the weekend progresses.

The first task I usually undertake on Saturdays is writing up my blog post for the week. I like to have made notes on it beforehand and this usually happens the night before, so on Saturdays I can just type it up and schedule it for posting on Sunday. This doesn’t always happen, as I highlighted earlier; last week I was running a teaching session with my friend for her university society so in the hustle and bustle of that, I didn’t get round to writing it last week.

It’s about 12pm by the time I have ‘breakfast’ which may sound like high treason to some of you, but eating too early in the day just means I get hungry again later on, so I’d rather eat a solid meal at a decent time to reduce snacking throughout the day.

The main uni-related thing I do on Saturdays is making my Anki cards for the previous week. I talk lots about Anki in this post and this one which you can check out if you’re interested. This year, I’ve managed to keep up with making flashcards on the content we’ve been covering every week and I’ve been going over the flashcards almost every single day, as I really wanted to optimise my Anki usage this year. I’m hoping that by the time exam season rolls around, all the information will be in my long term memory and I can have a couple of sessions to cram my cards, but in general, I can focus on practice questions.

Making Anki cards takes up quite a few hours of my day depending on how much content was covered. I also like to do extra research in this time and write it up in my notes as well as make flashcards for it so I can remember it better.

Whenever I’ve finally finished that job, I’m normally so tired of doing work that I try and step outside for a few minutes of fresh air, as well as go and annoy my brothers. Then for the rest of the day pretty much, I’ll do other stuff like lying in bed reading or working on other tasks that may have cropped up throughout the week. Recently I’ve been working on my CV for my intercalation application and I’ve been in the process of securing a topic for the research project we do at the end of the year.

That’s normally it for Saturdays. Getting my Anki cards made is always the most important job for this day and as long as that’s done, I class my day as a resounding success.


Sundays, for me, are much slower days. This is when I grant myself the luxury of sleeping in and staying in bed for ages going on my phone. I like to take it slow on Sundays.

After I have breakfast, I try to come back and tie up any loose ends for the week. This often includes researching stuff that I’ve seen on placement and making some notes on it. Often there will be other stuff that came up on Saturday that I like to catch up with as well.

Sometimes there will be online revision lectures held by students in the years above us which I enjoy attending to have a recap of the knowledge and generally get a feel for what kind of exam questions or OSCE stations they can have on the topics.

I spend a big chunk of the afternoon and early evening doing my own stuff, whether that’s reading or baking or going grocery shopping.

Normally, in the evening, I like to look through and start the TCD for next week, just so I can go into the next week with a little bit of a head start and I can feel ready to continue it on Monday as opposed to having the burden of starting it on Monday. Mondays are burdensome days enough.

While I enjoy a solid structure on other days, weekends to me are more enjoyable when I can be flexible and spontaneous. Before lockdown and tighter restrictions, I spent many weekends on impromptu trips with friends getting coffee, spending hours chatting about our weeks. I look forward to a time where we can do that again, but as of right now, I don’t mind spending nice weekends at home working and relaxing.

What are your favourite things to do over the weekend? How has lockdown part two affected your daily life? Let me know, I’d love to hear about it!

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